We produce our products according to:

1. Sterility Test

a. all sterile products in our product portfolio.

b. is made to prove that our product is sterile.

c. analysis duration is 15 days the test is made according to ISO11737-2 standard.


2. Bioburden testing (total number of living bacteria)

a is the total living bacteria contained in the product.

b. Test is done according to ISO11737-1 standard.


3. Challenge test (Preservative Efficacy test)

a. the Challenge test is made with the purposes of the determination of the reliability of preservatives in cosmetic products.

b. the is conducted according to ISO11930, EP and USP standards.


4. total Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria Test

a. This test is being implemented for each product being manufactured within Turkuaz according to the ISO21149 standard.


5. Disinfectants Activation Test

a. This test is to prove the effectiveness of Disinfectants on microorganisms. Being conducted according to various international standards.


6. Water Microbiology tests (Coliform bacteria, p. aeruginosa)

a. in-house drinking and production water quality controls consisting of microbiological analyses of water made according to ISO standards (ISO 9308-1, ISO16266)


7. Total mold and Yeast Test

a. The test is being implemented for each product being manufactured according to the ISO16212 standard.


8. Passive Air Load Detection

a. identifies the microbiological load of passive air in the environment.

Our well-designed Microbiology Laboratory is conducting those tests according to international standards allowing us to prepare our mediums in-house, yet we are thinking in the near future to work with accredited laboratories.